The younger children use plastic swords and there is a lot of emphasis on games that develop balance, co-ordination, speed and timing. Basic technical terms and the FUNdamentals of fencing are covered. The classes for P2+ use plastic foils and there is more emphasis on technique and tactics and the development of a greater range of skills while continuing to offer plenty of games to improve all-round physical ability.
The Next Step to developing their skill would be to move onto Metal Fencing. The Skills they have been learning are easily Transferable to metal fencing but the weight of the equipment is heavier but the children soon adapt to the changes. Focusing on the Technical & Tactical requirements but they will be fencing one-on-one.
Once they have a greater understanding we encourage the children to enter Competitions and to move onto our more competitive Club Salle Holyrood. At Salle Holyrood we do individual lessons and all fencers fence on our Electric scoring Equipment
Each term usually lasts between 8 and 12 weeks but there is no problem joining part of the way through a term as our expert coaches will soon get you up to speed.