Challenge Cup

Fencing Fun Tournament – Fantastic opportunity to put your fencing skills into action in a fun but competitive environment. No Elimination. Anticipated length of competition: 4 hours.

Format For Competition:

  • 4 rounds of poules
  • 1st round of poules will be randomly selected
  • 2nd-4th Round of poules will be selected on how well you do in your last poule i.e. top 1 move up, middle 2 stay in the same poule, bottom 1 move down a poule.
  • Medals will be awarded to all places of each poule
  • Certificates for all participants

Challenge Cup

There is a Challenge Cup once a term.

Metal Fencing Tournament Age 7-8yr
Metal Fencing Tournament Age 9yr-12yr
Plastic Fencing Tournament Age 7-8yr
Plastic Fencing Tournament Age 9-12yr