YDS (Youth Development Series)

The Youth Development Series is a fantastic opportunity to fence new people in a competition environment using Metal Fencing Equipment. Its lots of fun and their are 4 competitions through out the Season.

YDS1 – 16th/17th September – Dunfermline High School
Online entry open now – http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/forms/yds-entry
YDS2 – 11th/12th November – Venue TBC (Date unlikely to change – venue to be confirmed soon)
YDS3 – 13th/14th January or 20th/21st January – Venue TBC
YDS4 – 24th/25th February – St Thomas Aquins High School, Edinburgh

All Fencers must have Full British Fencing Membership – http://britishfencing.com/membership/scotland-membership

For details of available types of membership and cost please http://www.britishfencing.com/uploads/files/bf_membership_scheme_-_categories_and_benefits24022016.pdf