Corporate events

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The Fencing Experience is devoted to delivering the ultimate introduction to the Olympic sport of fencing. We bring an inspiring group of talented coaches who have the experience and skill to reward and motivate with a range of group or individual fencing activities

The Fencing Experience – Bronze Package
• 1 hour Fencing Experience Learning the Art of Fencing with lightweight equipment
• £225 for 10 Fencers. Additional Adults £25 each. Maximum 24 in a Group
Fencing Experience – Silver Package
• 1.5 hours Learning how to move like a Fencer, Attacking, Defending and putting your skills into action with a Fun Competition working together as a Team. Winning Team will receive certificates and Cristal Glasses.
• £300 for 10 people. Additional Fencers £30 each. Maximum 24 in a group
Fencing Fun – Gold Package
• 2hr hours of Metal Fencing just like the Olympics
• Real (metal) commemorative medals for all children
• Presentation certificates for all children
• Premium certificate and medal for birthday boy or girl
• £500 for 10 people. Additional Fencers £50 each. Maximum 24 in a group
Venue requirements
The above fees do not include venue hire or catering. In terms of facilities we require a space roughly the size of a badminton court (45’ x 25’) with appropriate flooring (i.e. carpeted, rubber or wooden) and a space for parents to provide food and drink etc. We are happy to liaise with the venue managers on this.