Challenge Cup June 2017

Fencing Fun Ltd is the premier provider in Scotland of plastic and metal fencing classes for young children.  Our classes offer a structured and inspiring pathway into the Olympic sport of Fencing for younger children.  Our dedication to excellence was also recognised by British Fencing as winner of the Innovation Award in 2016.

Challenge Cup Competition Date:

December 10th Cargilfield School 

Plastic Fencing P4-5 11.45am 

Plastic Fencing P6-7 11.45am

Metal Fencing P4-7 8.45am

Fencing Fun Tournament – Fantastic opportunity to put your fencing skills into action in a fun but competitive environment.  No Elimination.  Anticipated length of competition: 3 hours.
Format For Plastic & Metal Fencing Competitions:
4 rounds of poules
1st round of poules will be randomly selected
2nd-4th Round of poules will be selected on how well you do in your last poule i.e. top 2 move up, middle 2 stay in the same poule, bottom 2 move down a poule.
Medals will be awarded to the top 3 places of each poule
Certificates for all participants